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See KUiz in action

A brief overview of how instructors can upload powerpoint presentations to generate a quiz.

Click here to watch how students would take your quizzes via the web.

Key Features

Completely managed in your browser, no need for any additional software.

Upload any PDF document to automatically convert into an interactive quiz.

Tag questions, re-order slides and collaborate with your colleagues.

Students can take your quizzes both via the web or on their smartphones.

Create your own content structure and organise students into relevant groups.

How does it work?


Upload a teaching presentation into KUiz, automatically converting it to a quiz for you.


Tag areas of slides as questions, hiding the content underneath from the student.


Assign difficulty levels to both individual questions and presentations as a whole.


Students can then take your quizzes via the web or their smartphones.


As they move through the quiz, students can click or tap questions to reveal answers.