KUiz 1.0

The idea for KUiz developed from Dr Alan Richardson's experience in teaching pharmacology to pharmacy undergraduates at Keele University School of Pharmacy. He wanted to support student learning by providing quizzes that made an overt link to the material presented in teaching sessions. The original version of KUiz used widely available software for presenting slides. Luke Bracegirdle (IT development director at Keele University School of Pharmacy) realised that it was possible to create a platform that allowed this to be viewed on mobile phones. However, this was time consuming and not particularly “user friendly” for instructors or the students using it.

Following a chance meeting with Paul Brammer from Exesios advertising agency, we realized it would be possible to create dedicated software to improve this situation. The code was written at Exesios (Phil Carty), the design of KUiz was also conceived at Exesios (Tom Edge), and refined in collaboration with the Keele team. With the additional help of Dan Daw (Keele University School of Pharmacy), KUiz became publically available in June 2012. Its launch would not have been possible without the combined efforts of both Keele University and Exesios.

KUiz 2.0

We already have plans for an updated version of KUiz in the future. We welcome your feedback for additional features you would like to see included.