Using KUiz

Are there any in-depth guides for instructors and/or students?

Yes! You can download the Instructor Guide here or the Student Guide.

What kind of presentation can I upload?

You upload your teaching materials as a PDF document, so if you want to upload a powerpoint presentation you first need to save it as a PDF using your powerpoint software.

Is there a limit on content?

Presentations can have as many slides as you want, just remember that it means students accessing them on smartphones will need to download all those slides. The only hard limit is the number of students that you can setup, as determined by the price plan you choose.

Are the smartphone apps free?

Yes! Your students won't have to pay anything to use the apps or access the service, it's all free.


Technical Requirements

Do I have to setup a server to run KUiz?

Everything is hosted in the cloud, you don't need to setup a server or any kind of hosting - we'll handle it all!

What software do I need to actually use KUiz?

Just a modern web browser! No other software or technical knowledge is required to use the system.

What kind of smartphone does a student need?

The app is currently for iOS and Android, the two leading mobile systems. However, all students can access KUiz using their browser on any computer.