Browsing Presentations

Create your own folder structure for your presentations, granting access to specific folders for both colleagues and students alike. The online toggle allows you to publish presentations to the web instantly. You're also able to search presentations by keyword or filter by difficulty.

Manage Permissions

You can grant access to a folder and all its content for student groups, such as a specific class or year. Once granted, they will be able to see the presentations and run quizes. You can also determine which non-admin instructors can access the folder too so they can upload their own presentations.

Editing a Presentation

After uploading a presentation you are presented with an overview of all the slides, with icons allowing you to duplicate, delete or re-order each slide. Clicking a slide allows you to edit the questions that appear on it.

Adding Questions

Editing a slide is incredibly simple. Click and drag the mouse to highlight an area of a slide, releasing the mouse will then prompt you to enter a question and select a difficulty level. Each question can be moved, re-sized, edited and deleted.

Student Accounts

Student accounts are created individually and assigned to groups to allow access to folders. Groups can also have their access restricted to a particular date range, useful for aligning with academic terms of years.

Instructor Accounts

There are three types of instructor; administrator, editor and standard. An administrator has access to all parts of the system, an editor has full control of folders they are granted access to, while a standard instructor can only edit their own presentations.

Student Access

When a student logs in to KUiz, they can browse a library of presentations that they have been granted access to. They can launch a quick KUiz of any presentation, or by clicking the star icon they can add it to their favourites which allows them to create custom quizes with it.

Customise a Quiz

By having favourites, a student can pick and mix presentations to base a quiz on - filtering difficulty and number of questions. Slides are then chosen at random for the quiz.

Taking a Quiz

Using the arrow keys to move between slides, a student can reveal the answer of questions by clicking the question box or pressing the enter key.